Are VST plugins safe? Here’s the Answer

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One question that has repeatedly come up is: Are VST plugins safe to use?

The answer is yes and no. 

It depends on where you get your VST plugins.

If you’re using cracked plugins, they’re not safe. Your computer could also be slowed down and your system could crash. Your current project may be lost, or even worse, your entire system may be wiped out.

However, if you buy your VST plugins from a trusted source, you are safe.

VST plugins can be tested for safety with an antivirus program on your computer.

The VST plugins you purchase legally are safe

Are VST plugins safe
VST plugins you purchase legally are safe

It is a common mistake of newcomers to audio production to accumulate a lot of VST plugins. This can trap you in a loop of sound collection without an end. Don’t let this happen to you.

You better create music every single day and learn how to master your few plugins.

These days, there are many great options available for free and open-source software. Many options are available that are of high quality.

Some people believe professional quality music requires expensive software. I don’t agree. The software you use isn’t as important as your skills and creativity.

VST plugins are no longer as expensive as they once were. You should buy it if it is your source of income.

Just imagine if you toured the world as an artist and used pirated software with which you made a fortune. 

You can compare this to the music you produce and try to sell: Do you like people just downloading your work for free? 

It’s the same principle whether you buy software or plugins.
To make better VSTPlugins, the developers invest time and money. This is a game we’re all playing together. A better VST plugin equals a better sound.

Cracked VST plugins are not safe

Cracked VST plugins are not safe
Cracked VST plugins are not safe

When you begin producing and recording music, you will want to expand your VST libraries. You will probably research which VST plugins your favorite producers use and then look them up. The prices of some of these VSTs will shock and upset you once you do so. 

Then you’ll enter the cracked VST plugin world.

It’s not safe to use cracked plugins because they may damage your computer.

In addition to finding it unethical, I dislike using cracked software. Mainly because it is illegal. Pirated software can result in a $11,000 fine or more if caught.

There are many other reasons not to use pirated software.

If you use pirated software, you are stealing from its creators. In addition to stealing from others, you are also stealing from yourself. It’s preventing you from learning how to use that software to its full potential. Additionally, you don’t get customer support like you would if you bought it.

Viruses are often included in cracks, which can damage your computer. Nowadays, it is possible to do it on a Mac as well.

Using screen recording software can lead to accusations of using pirated software. Several artists have been criticized for exposing unlicensed software in their videos.

Keeping pirated software up-to-date costs you your time and effort. Since manufacturers invest time in preventing software piracy, they work against you. In contrast, most software and plugin manufacturers allow one-click updates. 

License codes are displayed in the GUI of some software. Some rely on challenge-response mechanisms that crackers attempt to circumvent. You should think twice before giving admin access to crack such software.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding VST plugin safety

What is a vst plugin? 

VST is an acronym for Virtual Studio Technology. It is a software that allows us to use audio effects and virtual instruments in our DAWs.

What are the dangers of using VST plugins? 

When VST plugins are from trusted sources, there is no danger.

Are VST plugins safe to use? 

Safe VST plugins are purchased from trusted sources, such as the manufacturer’s website.
Cracked plugins are not safe to use. There is also a possibility that your computer will be slowed down and your system may crash. 

What are the benefits of using VST plugins? 

Using VST plugins, you can create music that sounds like it was played on an instrument.

How can I ensure that my VST plugins are safe to use?

You are safe if you purchase VST plugins from a reputable source, such as the website of the manufacturer.


Purchasing VST plugins from a trusted source is safe.

Plugins that are cracked are not safe to use. You could also experience a slowdown or a crash on your computer. You may lose your current project, or even worse, your entire system.

In cracks, malware is often included, which can damage your computer. In today’s world, it is possible that may happen on a Mac as well.

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