About Us

At InMusician, we will take a deep dive into everything related to the music industry. Making a living out of your passion starts with production, talent, equipment, and playing live shows.

Taking a leap forward in a musical journey is something we encourage the creative and curious to do. Find out how your favorite artists got their sound in our articles.

Mostly, we’re here to talk about music, this magical thing we all love.

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Our Mission

The InMusician website provides valuable information to musicians and producers. As a music makers and music lovers community, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the freedom to create and be heard. 

We have a team of mastering engineers, music producers, and music creators.It’s important for us to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry. 

Aside from software and hardware for music production, we also discuss how to succeed in the music industry.

Our Team

Author Picture

William Menard

Music Producer

The opportunity to have crossed paths with William Menard was a blessing, as he is a very talented producer and musician. I appreciate William’s professionalism, reliability, and ease of working with him. In addition, he has a great skills.

Music Engineer

Dave Evans

Music Engineer

I love working with Dave Evans. Right away, I felt comfortable with him, and his performance didn’t disappoint. My deep gratitude goes out to him for both his talents in engineering and production, he was a great asset for both.

Mastering Engineer

Bobby Chapman

Mastering Engineer

The mastering Bobby does for your recordings is my go-to example of how to make your recordings shine. Strengths are magnified, while weaknesses are minimized, so you can have the greatest impact on your audience.